Paul Simon – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live Rhymin’)

Paul Simon’s great live performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with backup help from Gospel group, The Jessy Dixon Singers. In this version, Paul plays the song in the key of D, the key that he originally wrote the song in.

Sometimes I actually like this version better than the original one by Simon & Garfunkel. I guess it depends on my mood. This version has a completely different feel and pacing to it as opposed to the original one with Garfunkel. Both versions are great, and the song itself has gone down in history as one of the most covered songs in music. Here are just a few of the many cover versions done by some of music’s biggest artists:
-Aretha Franklin
-Elvis Presley
-The Jackson Five
-Johnny Cash
-Willie Nelson
-Roberta Flack
-Bobby Darin

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